Open Source (Security) Showcase

This years AppSec Research does not only provide outstanding talks and trainings, but also exciting hands on experience, discussion and more during the Open Source (Security) Showcase.

The OS(S)S is running in parallel to the sessions. Each showcases has a 4 hour time slot. Enough time to walk to the demo booths, discuss and participate!

Take the chance and learn first hand from none lesser than the authors of the following tools:

  • sqlmap  Would you like to inject some SQL? The tool for serious pentests! (Miroslav Stampar)
  • WebSensors  Honeynetting the web with community collectors running mod_security! (Christian Bockermann)
  • ThreadFix  simplify the vulnerability management with an Open Source software vulnerability management platform (Dan Cornell)
  • WS-Attacker Don’t know how to test web services? This is for you! Presented by renown security researchers Juraj Somorovsky, Christian Mainka
  • OWASP O2 Platform: a paradigm for performing, documenting and distributing web application security reviews. (Dinis Cruz)
  • OWASP Hackademic Challenges  helps you test your knowledge on web application security.  (Konstantinos Papapanagiotou
  • OWASP OWTF  OWTF Summer Storm: A new tool for automated security assessment (Abraham Aranguren
  • Eccenctric Authentication / Make cryptography trivial by rearranging the tools (Guido Witmond)
  • Golismero: Automated and unified opensource web application testing (Daniel García García, Mario Vilas)