Here’s the insight into our four days package, two days of in-depth training and two days of conference program. The conference program consists of three tracks,on Thursday it includes the HackPra track and on both days is the Open Source Security Showcase:


  • Rocking announcement @ webappsec mailing list, excellent wrap up!
  • … about Talk Teasers on Thursday, August 22
  • … about HackPra-Allstars Track on Thursday, August 22
  • … about Open Source Security Showcase
  • Conference Program


    are taking place on August 20+21 (Tuesday and Wednesday)


    During the training days there will be the Chapter Leaders Workshop, the OpenSAMM workshop and — in a different location — the First European workshop on Web Application Security Research (WASR)

    Networking, socializing

    That is part of our event! We’ll have the conference dinner on Thursday and some kind of welcome reception on Wednesday. Details to be announced.