About Hamburg

Situated along the Elbe River, with lots of canals framing parts of town, Hamburg is one of Germany’s most picturesque metropolitan cities. Awarded the title of European Green Capital for 2011, this city of almost 2 million residents is also one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the country. With river and canal cruises, famous streets for nightlife, dozens of museums, music performances, and theaters, as well as a strong creative and tech industry presence, Hamburg is the ideal location to spur innovative thinking and knowledge sharing at the Appsec Europe 2013 conference.

Outside of the conference, you will find an array of places to explore and streets to discover. From a world-famous miniature wonderland full of Lilliputian sized cities, to shops along the water, a new-age neighborhood built on 400 acres of docklands, and renowned nightlife options, Hamburg is informally considered the ‘Venice of Northern Europe’. August is the ideal time to explore the city, take advantage of its boat tours, and enjoy delicious food in its many fabulous restaurants. Or you just can sit on the beach along the Elbe river, sip a beer and watch one of the super sized container ships coming in.