How to go to Cap San Diego

Venue, Where we Start, Where to go

Emporio-Tower_Alster-klein The conference program will be held in the Emporio (Address: Dammtorwall 15, 20355 Hamburg, Germany). There are several entrances to the building. Another common one is at the corner Valentinscamp/Caffemacherreihe. That’s what you see if you use the exit from subway (U-Bahn) at station Gänsemarkt.



The location for conference dinner will be at Cap San DiegoCapSanDiego


Depending on traffic conditions, you have to plan for 15-30 minutes to get from the Emporio to the Cap San Diego (pictures, see here).


This is far the best way to go to tha Cap San Diego. It’s a short walk (20-30 minutes, depends on you:-) and you’ll pass the heart of Hamburg. We have provided 3 simple ways (deutsche Beschreibung) to find from the Emporio down to the habour where the Capo San Diego is.

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Public Transport

There’re following possibilities to go by bus or subway:

  • Bus 112 starting at Johannes-Brahms-Platz (5 minute walk from Emporio)
  • U-Bahn U2 and U3 starting at Gänsemarkt (right in front of Emporio)
  • U-Bahn U2 and S1 or S3 starting at Gänsemarkt (right in front of Emporio)


Bus 112

  • leave Emporio and go along Scandic Hotel, you’ll reach the Johannes-Brahms-Platz
  • you’ll see the building B R A H M S     K O N T O R in front of you
  • pass the street at the traffic lights to the left of this building
  • enter bus 112 and leave at stop Landungsbrücken
  • follow instrations at Landungsbrücken below

U2 and U3 (recommended)

  • leave Emporio and go to U-Bahn Gänsemarkt, which is just in front of the building
  • take U2 in direction Norderstedt (should be on left platform
  • leave at station Schlump and follow signs to U3 in direction Warnsbek
  • leave U3 at station Landungsbrücken
  • follow instrations at Landungsbrücken below


If you reach Landungsbrücken, wether by car, bus or U-Bahn, go up to the promenade and turn left (having the Elbe river to the right) and you’ll see the Cap San Diego. Just follow the promenade until you reach the gangway at the end.


TBD (where to catch, costs) will take roughly 15 minutes.

By Car

Parking is difficult, as we are in the center of the city. You just need to direct your navigation system to Dammtorwall 15, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
or 53.556702, 9.982955.

Notes on HVV

Hamburg has a well developed public transport system, named HVV. There’s info online at / on the schedules available as well as the entire line plan for subway (in Hamburg: U-Bahn), and S-Bahn (not a tram), railway (A/R) and HVV ferries in the harbor.


  • In Hamburg you don’t have to stamp the tickets after purchase, they are valid immediately. This implies that you can’t purchase them in advance. You need to purchased them at the vending machines or on the buses.
  • If you plan to take two (non-short distance) rides (each 2.95 €) during the day you are already better off with a ticket for the whole day: 9-Uhr-Tageskarte is valid after 9 am until the end of service (~1am) and costs 5.80 €. (9 am until 6 am next day the following day, all day on Sat and Sun).
  • The ticket vending machines, likely even at the airport, won’t accept credit cards. You need either an ATM card or cash (€).
  • Buses go around the clock. At night, a special “Nachtbus” (night bus) service connects the outlying districts and the city center.
  • Trains run from approximately 5 am until 1 am.

For more information on Hamburg see e.g.